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 Procurement Services

“We Source, We Deliver”


  • Reduce Cost
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Output
  • Increased Profits
  • “0” Advance Payment
  • Minimize the Risk
  • Handling all logistics from end to end
  • Performance Management (KPI)

 Our extensive  knowledge in Oil and Gas industry makes us  market leader in  supply of MRO (Maintenance, Repairs and Operations) equipment’s in Oil and Gas , Petrochemical, Power and EPIC  Sector.   The vast experience we have across the Oil and Gas industries make us leading service provider in Drilling, Production, MRO development, Refinery and Petro Chemical sectors.

Oil Producers and Gas plant operators onshore and offshore are met with ever more challenging problems which must be overcome. Our comprehensive procurement service offers you full support infrastructure considering all aspects of execution including sustainability, cost implications, logistics and technology.

We have built a global network of trusted suppliers to meet Client objectives, delivering critical items to projects in a timely manner to meet project schedule and cost requirements.

Acting as your one-stop procurement service provider we take responsibility for your purchasing portfolio, commissioning purchases, managing administration and dealing with logistical procedures. For individual requests we utilize our Day to Day Procurement Service to offer you advisory consultations

 Bolting & Torqueing Solutions from POWERMASTER-India.

Service Provider for  all  your bolting requirements, including torquing, tensioning, stress analysis, flangeof .Our product ranges includes Hydraulic Torque Wrench, Pneumatic Torque Wrench & Electric torque Wrench offered .We offer  various high quality Tube Tools like Tube Expanders, Tube Cleaners, Tube Expansion Systems, Boiler Tube Expanders

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    "SWF" Series Spring Balancer

    1.5m Travel - Range 0.5kg To 200.0kg
    2.5m Travel - Range 1.5kg To 130.0kg

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    "SWA" Series Spring Balancer

    1.5m Travel - Range 9.0kg To 70.0kg
    2.3m Travel - Range 9.0kg To 70.0kg

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    "SBH" Series Spring Balancer

    1.5m Travel - Range 200.0kg to 300.0kg
    3.0m Travel - Range 85.0Kg to 160.0Kg

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    "I-Beam" Trolley

    70.0kg to 500.0kg


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